2013 European Day of Languages – eTwinning projekt

2013 European Day of Languages – eTwinning projekt

2013 European Day of Languages celebrated on all of the world’s continents

Oktobra 2013 je naša šola sodelovala v projektu, s katerim smo proslavili dan jezikov. projekt se je uvrstil med 10 najbolših aktivnosti ob tej priliki.

Čestitamo sodelavcem v projektu, ge. Nadi Črne in učenkam in učencem 7. in 9. razredov, ki so sodelovali s prispevki.


European Day of Languages

Dan jezikov so v letu 2013 proslavili v več kot 50 državah sveta z 620 aktivnostmi. Več si lahko preberete spodaj.


The 2013 European Day of Languages was celebrated in over 50 countries with over 620 events recorded in the EDL calendar of events. In terms of the number of activities celebrating EDL, Austria again confirmed its position as the country where the Day is most popular, with over 100 events taking place, followed by France with 75. Thanks mainly to cultural institutes, EDL events took place on all continents of the world this year (with the exception of Antarctica!). Yet, it is quite possible that there are many thousands of events taking place on the Day both in all corners of Europe and beyond which are not registered in the EDL calendar.

This year’s winner of the ‘most innovative’ event award, receiving around 1000 votes, was Croatia’s Grabrik Primary School with its ‘Language fun fair’ activity. The event involved a series of language-related games and activities taking place over a whole week.

As always, there were a huge variety of different events with intriguing titles and activities.

10 of the best from EDL 2013